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A few weeks ago, Beth Messiah Messianic Synogogue in Sarasota, Florida had a visiting teacher, an Israeli, who gave the messages that I received through their podcast. 
The two messages that he gave that were so meaningful were called, "Marrying the Right Husband" and "True Worshippers".  I think I've listened to them about twenty-five times each.  Seriously, the messages are so spirit-filled and my spirit is so hungry that they have been a fountain of life for me.
Yesterday I thought to myself, I have to look up this teacher and find more messages from him.  So I had to go back to the iTunes folder to get the information and when I saw the teacher's name it sounded vaguely familiar, so I googled him and found his website: We have an awesome G-d!!   I was just so starved for deep spirit-filled teaching that Adonai led me to this podcast and to his teaching!  I love it.  I want more!!!!!!


Sandee Sjaarda
Sep 23, 2009


Dear Lover of Israel,

As one of the Congregational Leaders of Beit-Lechem, I write this letter of recommendation and support for Rami Danieli. I have personally known Rami Danieli for approximately six years. During that time, I have sat under Rami as a teacher of Hebraic Roots and other Scriptural teachings. I and other members of Beit-Lechem also had the opportunity to visit Israel on a 13-day study tour conducted by Rami in September/October of 2005. The tour we took and the teachings we received while in the land were phenomenal. Several individuals in our group had already been to Israel on other occasions, both with other tour groups and on their own. These individuals were unanimous in their belief that Rami, as a native-born Israeli-Jew who believes that Yeshua is the Messiah, truly revealed and helped them understand more fully the land, people and Scriptures of Israel and its Messiah—even after already having been to Israel.

I have been involved with Rami in both professional and family (personal) settings. I personally know Rami to be a believer in Yeshua and a man of great love and integrity. He is a man that fears God and seeks his face. For these reasons, I believe God has blessed him with great gifts of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of Scripture which translate into powerful and profound in sights into and teachings of Scripture. Both his teaching style and form of conducting tours proves him to be energetic, dedicated, highly personable, genuine, and a man that truly understands the human condition and our need to have a proper relationship with God.

Whether you are considering taking a tour to Israel with Rami or considering having him teach a seminar in your congregation, I am positive you will be pleased and blessed for doing so. If you have any questions about Rami or his ministry, please contact me personal.

Larry E. Meadows

My family had the opportunity to get to know Rami Danieli and his family while he was teaching in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. He taught a weekly Hebrew Roots Bible Study for several years, while also giving seminars and writing. He is an excellent teacher due in part to his vast knowledge of the Scriptures and the land, history, and culture of Israel. After several years of attending his teaching, my wife and I were fortunate to be able to be part of one of Rami's Study Tours to Israel. As a trained and licensed tour guide, Rami's skill as a tour operator is unparalleled. His knowledge and teaching ability are extensive. He truly brings the past to life for his tours and shows the heart of Israel to his guests. His love for the land, it's people, and the Messiah are reflected throughout his tours. Throughout the tour, his vivacious personality was enjoyable and entertaining, yet always informative and vigilant to our safety. As an elder in a small community of believers and a friend of Rami's, I would highly recommend Rami Danieli as a tour guide and teacher and look forward to another tour with him in the future.

Philip DeFatta - Elder
Yeshua's Olive Branch Community
Green Bay, WI