The main focus of Tour  Your Roots is teaching the Word of God  from the Hebraic point of view. Yosef Rachamim ("Rami") Danieli, founder of Tour Your Roots, is a native born Israeli and a Messianic Jew. By invitation, Yosef speaks and gives seminars, both inside  Israel and abroad.  Contact us today to book Yosef to teach at your church, organization or conference.

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Hope to see as many of you as possible!

Dec. 6: 

Landing in Texas (DFW).

Dec. 7: 

Teaching in the morning service at Eitz Chaim Messianic Synagogue, in Richardson, Tx.

Dec. 11: 

Evening teaching at a home fellowship in Ardmore, OK. 

For more details, please contact Teresa at: tjnokes72@gmail.com.

Dec. 15: 

Evening service at a church in Tulsa, OK. 

For more details, please contact Pastor Orlando at: orlandoj1957@gmail.com.

Dec. 21: 

Noon teaching at a Messianic Synagogue in Arlington, Tx 

For more details, please contact Mark at:marklynndavis@sbcglobal.net.

Dec 21:
Evening teaching at a home fellowship in Canton, Tx 

For more details, please contact Leveta at: levetathompson@gmail.com

Dec. 22: 

Gaby leaves. 

Jan. 1: 

Yosef leaves.

*** In between Dec. 23rd and Jan. 2nd, I’ll be available for more speaking engagements and visits with friends and family. Please contact me asap if you wish me to come and share/ teach in your home group, church or synagogue ***

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Shalom beloved friends and family!   

This is very short, just to let you know we arrived safely, thank God, and we are now in California, visiting with Orli, meeting her fiancé family and just resting, before flying out to Dallas, Lord willing, this coming Friday, Dec. 6th.  

Not much has changed since the last time I wrote, as far as our family is concerned.   

Needless to say, as far as Israel is concerned, much has changed and keeps changing on a daily basis...! I have allot to share and Lord willing, I'll do when with you precious ones!  

One thing we are very happy to announce is that Michael is now officially released from his IDF service - 5 months earlier, due to his shoulder operation. It will take him several more months of physiotherapy to completely recover and so far, he is making a good progress, thank God!  

Here is my USA Cell Number: 973-330-7020

 With much love! 

Yosef & Gaby