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Yosef Rachamim (“Rami”) Danieli

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Hebrew roots and the non-Jewish believer:

This seminar gives a general description of our first century Hebraic/Jewish roots. It explains why there is a great importance to get to know our rich biblical Hebraic heritage. The seminar describes the first century body of Messiah, its culture, mindset, and mainly its expression of faith. The seminar deals with various reasons that caused some of the clear differences between the first century church and the churches of today. This seminar can be covered in two to three sessions*.

Who is Israel? Who is the Church?

Most of Modern day churches see the nation of Israel as “a separated entity” from “Israel.” Many hold that God deals with both Israel and the Church and that one day all Israel “will be converted to Christianity;” I.e., accept Christ. Are these statements completely biblical based statements? This seminar shows the Biblical connection between “Israel of God” and “Israel who are not Israel” (See Rom. 9:6), and Gentiles who joined themselves in with the “Olive Tree.” This seminar sheds a complete new light on the understanding of who we are (both Jews and non-Jews) in Messiah. As a direct outcome of this seminar, true followers of Israel’s Messiah (Yeshua/Jesus) will have a much deeper appreciation and love for modern day Jews! This seminar can be covered in two to five sessions *.

Portraits of Yeshua (Jesus) in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible):

This teaching shows many beautiful portraits/foreshadows of Israel’s Messiah within the five books of Moses (The Torah). The seminar will show God’s entire plan of salvation to all humanity, as it is beautifully described in the Torah. This seminar will increase the deep love and appreciation to all of God’s holy scriptures, and will be a wonderful tool in the hands of every believer, who wishes to become more effective in his/her witness to non-believing Jews. The material of this seminar can be covered in two to ten and even more sessions *.

Portraits of Yeshua (Jesus) in the first Tabernacle (Exodus 25-31):

This seminar is actually a natural continuation of the above seminar (Yeshua in the Torah). It shows in great details, how everything connected with the Tabernacle in the wilderness has to do with Israel’s Messiah and God’s Master Plan of Salvation! It shows in great details, the unchangeable and only way through which one should approach the All Mighty, through His only begotten Son--Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth. The material of this seminar can be covered within two to seven sessions*.

Portraits of Yeshua in the life of David:

This seminar follows David’s life story, especially as it pertains the time period, prior to him becoming the king of Israel. It shows great similarities between David’s pre-kingship life and the life of Yeshua of Nazareth in His first coming. This seminar as well shows God’s great master plan of salvation, as it is depicted in the life of David. The material of this seminar can be covered within three to eight sessions*.

Yeshua and the Feasts of God:

While in most of modern day churches, the biblical feasts are known as "the Jewish feasts", over 95% of the biblical references describe them as “God's feasts/God's appointed times!”

This seminar describes the prophetic meaning within God’s appointed times. It once again shows beautiful portraits/foreshadows of Israel’s Messiah in HIS feasts. It discusses God’s great plan of salvation to the entire world as shown in these feasts. Depends on the interest, this seminar can be extended to deal with the “Christian feasts” as well. This extension compares the historical origins of “the Christian feasts” with the origins of God’s feasts. The material of this very important seminar can be covered within five to ten sessions*.

The Bible within its geographic and cultural context (Land and people of Israel):

This seminar shows the very strong connection between scriptures and the place and culture in which they were delivered and written. It describes the strategic geographical location of the Promised Land. It raises (and answers) the question, “Why in the world did God picked the land of Canaan for His chosen nation? Why not Switzerland, Hawaii of another place on our small planet?” The seminar suggests that there is a strong connection between a land scriptures name “Eden” (which included “the Garden of Eden”), Jerusalem and the Promised Land. This seminar will increase the love and appreciation towards the people and the land of Israel tremendously! I highly recommend that this seminar is summed up with a very special thirteen day study tour I conduct in the holy land. The material of this seminar can be covered within two to four sessions*.

Roots of the tension in the Middle East (“The Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict”):

In today’s very advanced media and its great influence on people’s minds, true followers of Messiah face a great challenge of discerning between Biblical based truth and Worldly (mostly “new age”) false! This is especially true when dealing with the ongoing tension in the Middle East! This seminar offers enlightening knowledge, based on facts: both biblically, ancient, and very recent history of the Middle East. It describes, in great details, the spiritual origins (The real “root of the problem”) of the so-called “Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict.” This seminar will answer many repeated questions, like; “Who is the real Goliath in this conflict?” “Who is the real David?” “Who are “the Palestinians?” The material can be covered within three to ten and more sessions*.


* Each session is one and a half-hour, which includes a time dedicated especially for questions, comments and an open dialog. Each seminar can be delivered in less or more sessions.

The exact number of sessions depends on how deeply one wishes to delve into the subject – and this can be discussed with Yosef in advance.