Yosef Rachamim (“Rami”) Danieli of Tour Your Roots comes highly recommended:

"We can, without reservation, say we believe Rami Danieli is the best tour guide in all of Israel. He has led many tours with us for our church, our network of pastors, and for many of our network churches. Before we met Rami we tried many guides, but since our first tour with him about 15 years ago, we have not used any other. His tours are filled with "surprises", insight, wonderful teaching, and a genuine heartfelt love of Yeshua. We know Rami is a true, born again believer in Yeshua not only because of our relationship with him, but because we personally know the Messianic Rabbi who discipled him. Our sincere belief is that you will not be disappointed with his leading your tour in the wonderful Land of our Redeemer."

Olen and Syble Griffing, Shady Grove Church

Grand Prairie, Texas


Benjamin (Benji) Cruz

Hazel and I, together with Tess and your adopted offsprings Mildred & Santos, just got back from Israel the other night … and we’re all still relishing the beautiful experience we had with you.  You pointed us to YESHUA and began to know Him in fresh, new ways … especially as a Jew!  I got to have a glimpse of how Jesus was like as I conversed with Jewish men and learned of their ways and thinking … especially their straightforward but sincere relating (reminiscent of Yeshua’s anger at Pharisees’ double talk yet loving of the sinners even in their broken state). 


These past two mornings, I woke up looking at the tall building from our window and seeing it as either the citadel at the city of David or the towering structure at the old city of Jerusalem.  I feel I have this new connection and love for Jerusalem.  I also have a new understanding and compassion for the Jewish people after seeing how we so-called Christians (Protestants, Catholics, Evangelicals) have rejected and despised them (this became clearer to me after two days of visiting the Holocaust Museum) … and our deafening silence in the midst of their extermination!  I now understand more the point you Rami had stressed to us … of the need to be a good ambassador to the Jews, to be grateful on how we have been grafted in to the faith because of them, and to love them as they are surrounded by neighbours who literally hate them.  As a follower of Yeshua, it is the least I could do!


In behalf of this delegation of 13 people who joined you in this enlightening tour, thank you for welcoming us to our true, real home!  Indeed, our spiritual ties will far outweigh to eternity all our blood ties on earth! And thank you guys for being so present in this tour.  The laughter, the jokes, the food, the bantering, the places and the nuggets (Ramiisms :) we shared still resonate with me … and will forever be etched in my memory!  This is my first time to organise a tour and you all made this a relational & ministry success!  Thank you :) 


And as Rami would love to say, dearly beloveds … till we meet again!

 Benjamin (Benji) Cruz

Corey Sylvester, Congregational Leader Temple Aviv Judea, Orange, CA

"Three couples from our congregation had three glorious days in the Galilee with Rami Danieli. He is such a knowledgeable, insightful and seasoned tour guide. He knows the heart of Israel and its people.  All six of us were profoundly changed by what we saw and heard. 

The three concentrated days were intense but was made alive through Rami. The highlight was the time he took us to his home and his wife, a talented artist and musician, making us feel at home, Israeli-style.  We look forward making another trip, but only if Rami leads the way."

Hilary Sylvester. Rebbetzin Temple Aviv Judea, Orange, CA

If you just want to tour Israel, hire a tour guide, but if you really want to SEE and FEEL Israel, then hire Rami Danieli! Rami is filled with knowledge. As a sabra (native-born) Israeli, he knows the Land of Israel better than the back of his hand and his heart and passion for Israel can not be contained. He has a deep reverence for the Word of G-d and each site visited is tied to the Scriptures with insightful and in-depth teaching. 

Remember to ask Rami if you can visit his home where his wife Gaby will treat you to her warmth, hospitality and her wonderful art studio and gallery! She is a multi-talented artist and musician. Gaby's ceramics  reflect her skill and her love of the Land and the Lord. Be sure to purchase something because each one is a treasure. It is like having a little bit of Israel with you when your return home. 

If you "Tour your Roots" with Rami Danieli...You will not be disappointed!

Paul & Luann Jollineau Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Our trip to Israel set out to be special as we were traveling in a small group with close friends. This was Luann's third trip to Israel but for Paul it was his first. The education and understanding portion of the experience was extremely important. When Rami met us that first morning in Tel Aviv, there was no question this was going to be an amazing and enjoyable opportunity to learn about the basis of our faith.

Rami's knowledge and ability to teach was something we will always be thankful for. He was amazingly able to teach in a way that it connected with each member of the group who were at different levels of understanding in their journey.

The last portion was truly special as we were welcomed into the Danieli home by Rami and his wife Gabriela. A warm and caring spirit was present as we had time for fellowship and special music provided by Gabriela. It is our hope that in some way we can express our true appreciation.

Renee Brown Temple Aviv Judea, Orange, CA

My husband and I had an outstanding tour with Rami. In fact, we have contacted him about a tour when we return to Israel in the fall. He is very  knowledgeable about the land, its history and its place in Scripture. 

His touring van was comfortable and our pace was perfect: quick enough to see a lot without ever feeling rushed. Rami is very friendly, in fact he is very animated and entertaining. He is open to questions and knows the Bible well, which makes him a great resource. 

Tov Meod, Rami. Todah Rabah. 


Patrick Hagerty

The trip was tremendously blessed by God. The whole group had an incredible time "touring our roots". The Lord really moved in each of our hearts and built up our faith in Him as we literally walked in His footsteps and the footsteps of God's children. 

Thanks again for all the effort you put into making it happen. It was truly blessed. All of the sights, hotels, tips--everything worked just fine. You are great at what you do, Darleen!

Jesus loves you so much.


Gary Benjamin, Prayer Ministry Pastor Shady Grove Church Arlington, TX

Rami Danieli has been our tour guide in Israel many times over the last 15 years, and we have thoroughly been enriched by his knowledge of Israel and Biblical history. He makes the Land of the Bible come alive. Rami plans the entire trip for us. He arranges our airline tickets, plans the itinerary with us, cares for the booking of hotel rooms, and takes care of all the details. From printing pre-trip brochures to getting us through airport security at the end of the trip, he is absolutely amazing. We would recommend him to any group who is considering a trip to Israel.

Tony & Pam Abrahamse, Equipping the Church for Youth Ministry 022-718-NPO, South Africa

RE: Special Study Tours

We (Tony and Pam) have twice been to Israel on a tour with Rami Danieli. The first time was ten years ago and then again last year, October 2005. We do not have words to describe how we loved every minute of the tour, and how much we benefited from it. Come to South Africa and we will tell you!! The most wonderful thing of all was the way Rami took the Bible and modern day Israel and joined them together. He comes highly recommended by us.

About Us: We live on a farm just outside Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa. Our son and daughter-in-law also live on the farm and run a Christian Gap Year programme, called J-Life Ministries. J-Life stands for Jesus’ Life. The young people are taught the ways of the Lord Yeshua for four months as well as the principles of implementing effective youth disciplemaking ministries. The young people are then put into teams and work in the local church all over the country for the remainder of the year (7 ½ months). They spend this time helping the church implement disciplemaking youth ministries. For more information contact Sharlene at or visit the website


Tony & Pam Abrahamse

Equipping the Church for Youth Ministry    

022-718-NPO, South Africa,

Justin M. Kron, eXperience Israel Program Director Chicago Area Director

It is my wholehearted pleasure to recommend Rami Danieli to anyone who is looking for an experienced Israeli guide. More than just a guide, Rami is a gifted teacher with a passion for the Word and God's Redemptive purposes for Israel and the world.  I have known Rami since I first used him to guide my eXperience Israel tour in 1999, and it has been my pleasure to work with Rami on subsequent tours. He will always be at the top of my list of tour guides that I prefer to work with.  I am confident that he will be at the top of your list after you experience the passion and insight that he brings to every group he leads and every site he visits.


. . . 


. . . 


. . .


Dean & Diann McMahon

We are delighted to have this opportunity to speak a word of encouragement to those who may be considering a tour to Israel.  First, and foremost, BLESSINGS UPON YOU! For this is a ‘desire of the heart’ that God Almighty wants to fulfill in your life!  Dean & I hosted a group in 2007 with Rami Danieli’s Tour Your Roots Ministry.  Because I had participated in this ‘life-changing tour’ with Rami, in 2005, I felt compelled to encourage as many friends and family as possible to make the identical trip!  From the planning stages we received colorful Tour Your Roots brochures that beautifully outlined the details of the itinerary and travel details.  Hotels, airfare, food, tips etc. are all inclusive, as well as helpful travel tips and items that will make your trip so pleasant!

As a believing Jew and professional tour guide, we cannot begin to express what a blessing Rami will be to your spiritual growth in the LORD!  His insights and skills of presenting the Scriptures in the light of ‘the Land’ will penetrate your soul and truly bless you FOREVER! 

Rami is a very efficient and effective tour guide.  Having worked in the Israeli tour industry for many years, he KNOWS his ‘way around’.  He will not waste any time, but will begin instruction from the moment you leave the airport until you return.  He does an excellent job of planning the itinerary so that the teaching builds on what has already been presented. 

Rami WILL stay on schedule, but when time allows, he will provide ‘something extra’ that will bless your hearts.  There is SO very much to see and learn in such a short period of time.  Your monetary investment will reap eternal rewards as you are continually referring back to the things you will hear under Rami’s direction. 

Dean & I agree that perhaps the thing that is most invaluable to us has been to see the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective and mindset. As a native Israeli and born-again Jew, he is able to beautifully expound on the Scriptures from the vantage point that our LORD had while He walked in the Land. We highly recommend Rami.  He is a trustworthy servant of the Most High God. 

It is our desire to once again host a tour with Rami Danielis' Tour Your Roots Ministry from our new location in Comanche, TX.

GO, GO, GO!  You will always be glad you did!!!

Ladell Neitzel

My name is Ladell Neitzel, Rami’s Stateside representative for Tour Your Roots Ministry. My husband, Gary and youngest daughter, Andrea and I live in Arlington, TX.  I have been working for Rami since summer of 2006 and have known Rami since the fall of 2000.

My husband Gary and I had our first encounter with Rami Danieli in September/October 2000 as we were processing through the Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel—on Tour.  I had been in Israel two other times before, but for my husband, this was his first trip to Israel.  We would hear Rami saying “my Sweet Ones” time and again and loved listening to him familiarize us with the land as well as where the events in the bible actually happened.  The Bible came alive with each mile/place we went. We were struck with how knowledgeable Rami is with each location we went to as well as his knowledge of the Scriptures.  That endeared him to my heart immediately.  He was so good about seeing to our needs as we made them known—boy did we have to make them known?.  We traveled to places in Israel I had never been to and we were delighted at Rami’s varied approach.  I had had the “canned” approach and found Rami so refreshing with how he led the tour.  We wound up being Rami’s last group for the next four and one half years.  That was the time when the Arabs began their fighting at the Wailing Wall at the temple mount.  The interesting thing was, we did not ever feel threatened while in Israel.  Rami took such good care of us.

Rami moved his family to the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area that November and we enjoyed him as our Saturday night teacher most every week.  Oh, did we grow in our Hebraic Roots.  All of the body of Messiah in this area really misses his teaching and the friendship of him and his family. When they left to go back to Israel, it was like our own family was leaving—for we had adopted them as our Israeli family.

For anyone contemplating a tour, you are in the best hands with Rami—I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed at all with his tours.  As you travel the very land that Yeshua (Jesus) traveled, your life will be changed forever.  So much of the WORD is much head knowledge, thankfully through Rami’s skillful leading and teaching, you will have your heart touched in a way nothing else could do. You’ll most likely will want to take him home, like we did?

As the old saying goes, try it [Tour to Israel with Rami] you’ll like it!


Ladell has been involved with prayer ministries for many years and has her own business called New Creations, Unlimited since 1986.  They have “Star of David” tambourines, make banners and hold banner workshops as well as custom sew dance outfits or any other kind of sewing.  Hebrew lettering is available for their embroidery machine and they can custom sew projects as needed. Ladell and Gary are available for leading praise and worship with guitar; specials with concert harp and/or speaking/teaching.


New Creations, Unlimited

Ladell Neitzel

817-478-5496 *  817-454-0043 cell

4018 Falcon Lake Dr., Arlington, TX 76016  

Olen & Syble Griffing Shady Grove Church Grand Prairie, Texas

We can, without reservation, say we believe Rami Danieli is the best tour guide in all of Israel.  He has led many tours with us for our church, our network of pastors, and for many of our network churches.  

Before we met Rami we tried many guides, but since our first tour with him about 15 years ago, we have not used any other. His tours are filled with "surprises", insight, wonderful teaching, and a genuine heartfelt love of Yeshua.  We know Rami is a true, born again believer in Yeshua not only because of our relationship with him, but because we personally know the Messianic Rabbi who discipled him.  

Our sincere belief is that you will not be disappointed with his leading your tour in the wonderful land of our Redeemer.

Ralph and Mindy Seta M.D.C.I.

We have come to see that the Lord truly had His hand on our journey to Israel from beginning to end. From the initial vision He gave; to go out as worshippers before the armies of Israel and to meet with the Living Stones (Believers) - to the calling of the 36 people from all over the United States and U.K who came, He made us a true family by knitting our hearts together and the people of the land.

All of our touring was done by Rami Danieli of Tour Your Roots who God led us to. As an Israeli and Jewish believer he has a great ministry. Everyone was blessed by his inspired teaching, knowledge of sights, sensitivity, and good humor.

Blessings and Shalom,

Ralph and Mindy Seta - September 2009


Prophetic Worship Dance Tour, Israel 2009

“Lifting Our Hearts to Yeshua” Tour

More thoughts from Ralph & Mindy's Tour:

This trip has been such a blessing from HaShem, to be able to meet with the "living stones" has touched my heart and soul deeply. Rami was an amazing teacher and guide, I appreciated his perspective. I believe HaShem is preparing his remnant, around the world, for what is to come. The time spent in Israel and the words spoken there were confirmation to what He has been laying on my heart recently. May the Ruach strengthen us for the end of the age, to be in complete support for Israel and all His remnant.  Thank you for all your time and work, you and your family are loved.

Blessings, Luann Jollineau


Dear Ralph and Mindy,

The tour, full of new experiences, was amazing.

So many 'the best parts'.  What a privilege to meet the messianic families in their homes.

The teaching, the food, dancing at Shiloh where the Tabernacle and the Glory rested.

Looking down on the end time battle plain and dancing with the shofars sounding the alarm.  All breath taking moments.  We loved sharing our testimony and hearing how it had touched so many people and then to be moved by the Holy Spirit to go through Mikveh together in the Jordan. We are so thrilled we went!

Many blessings and shalom, Andrew and Marie


Dear Mindy and Ralph,

I've never ever been so emotional after a trip before.  Can I possibly describe it as being baptized into Israel?  I really want to keep in touch with people in our group and our new friends in the Land . . .It's really hard to be back home where most people I know don't really believe God answers prayer; especially now that I've experienced for myself in a powerful way that Jerusalem is my Real Eternal HOME.

With much love for all my new precious friends in Yeshua, Kate

Hi Mindy and Ralph,

I wanted to say to you both that the Israel trip was absolutely incredible down to every last detail.  So many people ask me about the trip, and I'm almost without words.  There is just so much that I am holding in my heart, very special moments that are beyond explanation.  I look forward to sharing as time goes on . . . Thank you for your beautiful leadership, your heart for Israel, and your attention to detail making our days in Israel such a blessing to all of us.

Your sister in Messiah, Cheryl

Thank you, Ralph and Mindy! 

You put together a great and awesome tour. Truly

I hope you and the girls have some relaxing time now to unwind in...and catch up

on sleep.  That is all I have been doing since returning....sleeping.  My brain is mush.

But everyone is wanting to hear about the trip so I need to reread my notes and restore

order to my thought processing.  I am missing Rami...his teachings were thought provoking and I need to reread the scriptures in light of what he taught us.

Toda raba, Susie



Thank you so much for organizing Tour Your Roots.  I had an amazing time in ISRAEL.  It seems like the entire time was ordained.  I can’t thank ABBA enough for allow me the privilege to be part Tour Your Roots.  I came back zealous for ISRAEL, TORAH, KINGDOM OF YHWH.  Wow, how the scriptures came alive. 

Love Delia


Hi Mindy and Ralph,

Thanks to HaShem, the both of you, and Rami, I had a wonderful time in The Land.  The people who belong to Messiah are so great to be with, whether we have met before or not.  Worshiping, blessing and praising our awesome G-d together was so special, and many times we were dancing in significant and strategic places.

Marianne, Luann and I were so blessed having Rami as our guide.  We all are on the same page with him!  We love to hear Scripture taught the way it was supposed to be understood.  Abba has given him such great insight.  He is so enthusiastic, filled with Ruach HaKodesh, and loves HaShem and His messiah so deeply.  We couldn't have had a better guide.  With all that, he's fun too!  He was my guide in "97, and remember his enthusiasm at that time as well.  Thanks to you both for all the work and time you put in to make the tour so super special, meaningful and fun!

B'ahavah, Jo


Shalom Ralph and Mindy, 

I would say the trip was such a blessing in many ways!  My favorite part was meeting up with the other Living Stones living in the Holy Land.  I was so blessed to meet such anointed Messianic believers in Yeshua who are strategically positioned for these prophetic days we are living in and yet to come!  It was special worshipping in the dance with other precious brothers and sisters in Yeshua I got to know within our dance group as well.  I felt we had become family by the end of the trip.  Thank you Mindy and Ralph, and Rami, for planning such a rich, full itinerary that kept the focus of this tour a prophetic purpose.

Blessings to you all with love, Gail Barton

Christine Hackett, Executive Pastor WoodsEnd Church, Edgewood, New Mexico

I have toured with Rami and Tour Your Roots twice, once in 2006 and again in 2008.  His tour and teachings are by far the best experience I have had touring Israel.  I have taken groups or toured with others 5 times since 1982 and cannot recommend anyone but Rami as a superb teacher and truly Spirit-filled lover of Yeshua.  

As a Pastor, my opinion is that everyone who loves the Lord should have accurate and experiential knowledge of Israel, and going and learning with Tour Your Roots is the best way to do it.  

Rami's first hand and educated knowledge of Israel along with his often humorous and engaging presentation are without equal as far as I am concerned. 

Rami is also always on top of things and quite adept at arrangements and accommodation issues. I intend to always use Tour Your Roots when I bring people to the Land of Yeshua.  I am blessed to know this brother in Yeshua and his wonderful family.